Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems are important towards "comfort" and "human productivity" because they control the tempreture, humidity, airflows and cleanliness of the indoor environments of buildings that envelope people. They vary widely in size and performance from typical AC systems for office buildings to precision models required by semiconductor manufacturing plants.

Taprohm has professional skills and vast experience with planning, designing and installing air conditioning systems. In fact, the large data centers that underscore today's internet society adopt many of technologies - for example- to introduce cold outdoor air in order to reduce air conditioning load and to effectively direct cooled air towards IT equipment. Moreover, we have many design options and planning depending your demand effectively and effeciently as below:

1-    Chilled Water Cooled System 
2-    Condenser and Cooling Tower System
3-    VRF and Duct Type Air Condition System
4-    Split Type Air Condition System
5-    Chiller Plant Management System

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